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  • 29 Copse Rd
    BS21 7QN Clevedon
  • 01275 218318
  • Website

Clevedon Community Bookshop

We are a general bookshop with a stock of approximately 25,000 books, 8,000 of which are in our bookshop and the remainder of our stock is accessible through our online catalogue which can be viewed in the bookshop and through Readerware app that can be downloaded to your mobile phone or i-pad. We are a community co-operative such that the bookshop is owned by approximately 650 members living all over the world but mainly in Clevedon and its environs. You are welcome to become a shareholding member with a minimum purchase of ten £1 shares. We are open seven days a week. We will welcome your visit or get in touch with us.

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